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Strong Financial Plan

We will focus our work together on building a strong foundation to assure financial success for you and your family. The four primary areas we focus on are:

(a) Income and Asset Protection

(b) Debt Management

(c) Tax Strategies

(d) Asset Allocation

Our philosophy is to use what we call a “laminated beam” approach by mixing strategies and products to produce the most efficient combination possible. Because of the constantly changing nature of the world we live in, success is achieved through focusing on the efficiencies of your money, rather than formulas.

Areas of Focus

Retirement Accumulation Planning

Designing a mix of asset allocation and tax allocation strategies using traditional retirement plans such as 401(k)s and IRAs along with real estate - (both directly and indirectly owned), and fee-based advisory accounts for diversifying stock options and grants and accumulating additional assets

Retirement Income Planning

Providing a secure income stream for your retirement years is a very important part of our services. We focus on combining a mix of investments with a strong emphasis on minimizing taxes and creating secure income which you won’t outlive.

Estate Planning

Planning for the eventual transfer of your assets is very important. Unfortunately many people do not take the steps necessary to ensure that those they want to see benefit will receive their assets. This includes charitable giving if there are churches, universities, or other favorite charities that you would like to see benefit.

Income and Asset Protection

Protecting your income and assets with insurance are the most logical first steps for everyone to take. It also could include the proper ownership and entity structure for a business or real estate assets. We can help you decide how best to protect your hard earned assets from disease or disability, premature death, liability or creditors.

Investment Management and Asset Allocation Strategies

There are many different ways to invest your money. Some people like stocks and bonds, others like real estate. Some own businesses or have large stock options. Any thoughtful investment strategy has to start with your unique situation and emotional and psychological profile. Once we know what you are comfortable with then we can begin to build a strong and well-diversified portfolio to fit your objectives. There are always places in the world to make money, it’s up to us to discover them and make the most of these opportunities to create wealth for you and your family.

Transition Planning

If you are contemplating selling your business, or your property for development you may be concerned about how this will change your life and the lives of family members. We understand that this may be the biggest decision of your life and you want to have the best advice available when making these decisions. Our goal is to make this as simple and painless a process as possible in addition to making sure you receive maximum value for your assets.


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