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Principles of our Philosophy

1. Our job is to be your advocate, to represent you in a rapidly changing world, and to help you navigate and organize the multiple issues that you and your family face.

a. Helping you discover your greatest strengths, your unique abilities, the dangers you face, and the opportunities you have to create the perfect life.

b. To develop a crystal clear idea of what you want to do with your time, talents, energy, and resources both now and in the future to help your children, other family members, and other people you care about and make an impact on the world.

If a man has talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded and has a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know. -- Thomas Wolfe

2. Human Capital is your most valuable asset. It is also often the most under-exploited and under-protected asset. The greatest tool you own is your ability to earn income and build wealth. Our job is to help you identify those traits that will allow you to create the maximum financial wealth possible for you and your family.

3. Personal Capital involves how money affects (both positively and negatively) your quality of life. For most of us, money is just a means to an end. But many individuals are far better at building wealth than they are at employing it to meet their personal goals and objectives. Our job is to help you best use your wealth to improve your life.

4. Financial Capital can eventually be used to replace the income from Human Capital. But it can never replace nor should it, the talents, energy, and the characteristics that make you a unique and valuable person. Our job is to help you make the most of your Human Capital today, to create as much wealth or financial capital as possible, as quickly as possible, so that you can utilize your human capital in other ways to benefit your family and other people.

5. Managing your Financial Capital takes a considerable amount of time and expertise. We have committed to gaining and maintaining this knowledge for the benefits of our clients. Since you have decided to hire us, our goal is to provide this information to you as necessary through a team of experts who have great knowledge in specific areas of financial management. We believe that this approach of using specialists on an as needed basis provides you with access to experts in a very cost effective manner.


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