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Our Investment Philosophy

Our clients come to us with a variety of experience and background. Some may be very familiar with real estate, others with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Some may have stock options or restricted stock. Others may not be comfortable or familiar with investing strategies at all. We always start any discussion of an investment strategy with determining your unique background and existing situation. We then build an investment strategy around your strengths by filling in the gaps and rounding out the investment strategy with the proper mix of investments depending on your goals and objectives.

We believe strongly in the benefits of building a diversified portfolio following the tenants of Modern Portfolio Theory to help reduce risk and avoid over-exposure to any one company, industry, nation or, asset class. We feel that this is the best method to build a strong asset preservation strategy with lower risk and the ability to overcome inflation.

“Even the best investment professional must expect that no more than two thirds of his decisions will prove to be above average in profits. Therefore, asset allocation and diversification are the foundations stones of successful long-term investing.”
- - John M. Templeton (in his forward to Roger Gibson’s Book “Asset Allocation”)

However, we also understand that you may have a particular opportunity to grow your assets in a unique way because you own a business or a piece of real estate. This may be your best opportunity for a successful growth strategy, with many benefits and opportunities because of your unique situation. We always start with your present situation and determine where you want to go and your objectives and time frames. Once we understand these factors, then we build an investment strategy that fits you.



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