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Strategic Alliances

We maintain several relationships and licenses that allow us to conduct business as Financial Planners. We have found that many of our clients were confused about the differences between these various licenses so we offer the following to help you better understand your relationship with us:

There are two primary licenses that allow us to conduct business as Financial Planners and Investment Advisor Representatives. The first is called the Series 65 license which is issued by the FINRA after passing an exam. This license allows us to operate as representatives of a Registered Investment Advisor firm to provide financial planning, investment planning, and advice for a fee. This license requires us to operate as fiduciaries, meaning we are legally bound to always look out for our clients’ best interests. This is not only the right thing to do, but also a legal requirement and the majority of our financial planning work for our clients is conducted as a representative of the Registered Investment Advisor firm of Hall, Riback, Childress, & Gore, LLC. Our relationship allows access to multiple professional advisors with many resources and a combined total of more than 125 years of experience in the financial planning field. This multiple-advisor approach benefits our clients by combining our respective knowledge and experience to uncover the best options and opportunities to help you create and manage your wealth with the least amount of risk.

The second license is the Series 7 Securities license. This license requires a relationship as a Registered Representative of a Broker/Dealer firm. A Broker/Dealer primarily provides the service of buying and selling securities for clients. When we operate as a Registered Representative we are operating as an agent, placing trades of securities for our clients and receiving a commission to do so. This relationship is used as necessary in helping to implement a client’s financial plan. The Broker/Dealer we are affiliated with is LPL Financial, (LPL). LPL is the largest national independent Broker/Dealer (as reported in Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2007, based on total revenue) with over 6000 independent financial professionals located in over 2,200 branch offices in all 50 states. LPL also is licensed as a Registered Investment Advisor and all of our investment advising is conducted through LPL as a representative of their RIA. LPL has established itself as one of the premier firms for financial professionals who wish to provide independent financial advice along with a much broader range of non-proprietary investment and insurance products.

We are confident that you will be very pleased with the benefits that these relationships will bring to the process of securing your family’s financial future.


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